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2000 buick century dimmer switch trouble

hi my 2000 buick century head light dimmer switch(or blinker lever) is not operating properly.possible linkage or switch hits steering wheel before switching . any advise would be greatly appreciated,thanks Rich

You’re saying when you activate the multi-function switch (lever) to change from low beam to high beam or visa-versa the lever has to travel all the way up to the steering wheel before it will work?

If so, you’ll need to dismantle/remove some of the cover around the lever and steering column to see what is needed to fix it.

thanks for the reply,if the dimmer switchneeds to be replaced do you know ,or does anyone out there know ,if the steering wheel will have to be removed. thanks again.Rich

Yes. The steering wheel requires removal along with disabling the air bag to replace the multi-function switch.