Sick vw or sick mechanics?

we have a 2000 vw golf tdi …140000k on it

we had the torque converter go bad and it took the tranny with it a couple months back

paid the big bucks took car home…week later, shifting bad again …took car back to shop and they fixed it (valve body) after 3 weeks (no charge warrenty covered)

2 weeks later…back to shop…shifting bad AGAIN and its been a week now going on 2… any comments??

this is a local company (rochester) specialty tranny place with good rep… but want my car back and dont really have another big wallet after the first money out for tranny/torque converter

A reputable shop warranties their work for at least 1y/12,000 miles. Even it fails after work with them before going elsewhere as they may cut the price in order to maintain their good rep.