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Sick Honda Accord

Approaching 130,000 miles, fluids checked/refilled within past month, new radiator within past month. Rebuilt transmission within five years, in addition to new starter and factory recalled ignition swith x2. Now, the car jerks, sputters and cuts off sometimes when decelerrating or parked on a downward slope. Smoky haze from right front after 10 minutes of driving. What might be the problem?

What year is your Accord?

4-cylinder or V6?

I’m guessing it has an automatic transmission, but just in case, “automatic or manual?”

Pulling teeth again!

Oops! 1998, 4 cyl, automatic.

Is the smoky haze inside the car or outside.

I’m a non-smoker so the haze is from outside the vehicle…under the hood, towards the right.