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Show us your messy car!

Got a spouse, partner, friend or, better yet, an in-law with an especially messy car? Excellent! Now’s your chance to out him or her… or 'fess up and show us your own lack of automotive hygiene.

It’s easy to share your photos – just click “post your reply” below, type in your message, click “attach file” to upload your photo, add a description and click “done.” That’s it!

Yours in defiling auto interiors everywhere,

Tom and Ray

Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

Surely you intend to offer something from your shameless commerce division as an incentive for the worse looking car interior?

HEY BROS — I just got my 1960 Bug-eye Sprite back from being painted, so I am keeping it pretty clean, of course if it was an MG things might be different…ChiliJohn in Woodland, CA.
p.s. the Sprite is the official mascot of the Woodland Dynamite Chili Cook-Off and it is known as the official “Chilipeppermobile.”

Contents: guitars, guitar amps, mixer amp, sound equipment, luggage, space heaters.

Warning: may contain nuts (passengers)

This is our local restaurant’s official company car.

I suppose it’s excusable when your company car’s primary job is to haul around hardwood for the bbq pit!

(note the license plate)

Ray & Tom,

I’d like to offer my car photos for $ 250 messy car of the week award. Thanks.

Sorry, no foto, just a word to the wise. In the 70’s when I was about 22 it was a point of pride amoung my friends and I to deliberately accumulate as many beer cans on the floor of our cars as possible. The girls thought we were sooooo cool. You believe that… Anyway one day I was cruising down this 4 lane street with a red light about 100 feet ahead. I started to apply the brakes but the pedal wouldn’t move. I got

panickier and panickier as I neared the intersection, in desperation pushing on the pedal with all my might. All of a sudden a beer can that had been lodged between the pedal and the firewall popped out and I was able to stop just in time. Sorry to rain on the parade.

Does anyone else find it awkward and uncomfortable to ride in someone’s vehicle that’s so messy it feels like your feet are being devoured by all the trash on the floor ?

My father-in-law’s car had ants. No picture, sorry, it was in the early 1990’s.

I thought you might enjoy these pictures I took at Biketoberfest in 2005.

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