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Show number 2001?

They usually just add one to the last show number but for 2020 they just jumped to 2001.

First 2 numbers are the year, second 2 numbers are the episode # for that year.

Year 19 episode # 52 = 1952
Year 20 episode # 01 = 2001

If you go back and look, it went from 1852 to 1901

Hm, in 1851 was it buggy talk? Even then they could have discussed the new Studebaker wagons…

Yes, I know it is year/episode but could not resist.:crazy_face:


I never knew that. Thanks.

What shows? They’ve been off the air for several years now.

Nothing but the puzzlers seems familiar so it’s like I’m hearing a new show each week. And who cares if it’s not new to me? They’re fun to listen to.


OK , but why do you worry about show numbers and things like that ? It is quite possible that the podcasts will disappear some day just like the stations that do not even carry the reruns anymore.

Same here. Most are new to me and I’ve been listening for years.

As far as the Puzzler, each week you can see the answer for the previous week and still answer the current one online. Since they are reruns I’ll bet no new winners are chosen.

Not too many months ago this question came up and our friendly forum moderator said they were still selecting new puzzler winners then anyway.