Episode Numbering

Anyone know why they went from episode 2299 to episode 2300, when episode 2300 was still in December 2022? The first two digits have always been for the year of release of the episode. What are they going to do when they get to January 2023 and they are about to release their first episode, which should be numbered 2301, and they have already used that number for the episode release on December 17, 2022?
Is their tech new and did not realize how the episode numbering format was derived? You only need to look back to the transition from December 2021 to January 2022 to see it’s not a continuous numbering system, but a year indicator followed by an episode number.
They should renumber them, 2300 to 22100, 2301 to 22101, etc. and start over in January with episode 23001, since after the switch in format in October 2021, there are now more than 100 episodes in a year.

I noticed and wondered about that also.

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the thoughts. I think we will have to see what happens in the new year.

Another idea, the episodes could be numbered with year and number within the year delineated with a punctuation mark, for example, 23.010, meaning the 10th episode of 2023.

I expect as a practical matter the staff had another episode to post at the end of 2022, and decided to just number it 2300, with the first episode of 2023 being 2301.

I don’t recall even seeing the episode number on my podcast player’s LCD screen. All I see is the file’s title. It ID’s the episode by year, month, and day, rather than episode number. I’m referring to NPR’s podcast website. There seems to be about a 12 day delay between when the podcast file is created to when it is posted.

Not really concerned about the numbering scheme, just thankful podcasts are continuing.

Nope, episode 2305 was the last episode for 2022.

First episode for 2023 was episode 2306

Take a look at NPR"s Car Talk podcast website. That’s where I grab my podcast. It lists the first episode of 2023 as number 2307, and the numbers seem to skip from 2302 to 2307 with 4 episodes missing. I now wonder if I missed listening to 4 episodes?

That’s where I grab them from too, they were there cuz I have them.

#2303 The Sleek Black Beauty
#2304 Donkey Talk
#2305 Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your 1987 Ford Escorts
#2306 Time for Your Car’s Air Change