Noticing inconsistent announcements about the upcoming show segment

On the most recent two shows (I’m writing this Dec 23, 2021) Ray says “After a short break it’s time for the answer to last week’s puzzler”. Then after the break he says “The puzzler is on vacation”. ??? Then later in the same show he says “After the break we’ll have the new puzzler”. After the break, same message, no new puzzler, instead “The puzzler is on vacation”. ???

I expect the fundamental problem is the shows were originally produced once a week, and now they are being aired (as podcasts) twice a week. That causes them to get out of sequence in time, so summer shows (when the puzzler is on vacation) are now airing in the winter. One idea to get the show back into the same season it was produced, the first podcast of the week comes from 1992 say, and the second of the week comes from 1993. Or 1977 & 1978, whichever two years are on being used.

It sounds like whoever is editing those old shows is doing a not-so-good job.

It’s probably complicated editing the shows given a decision has to be made what to keep and what to toss, plus they are out of their seasonal sequence due to the two shows per week posting schedule. I wonder if it would be simpler to just post one show per week, unedited; i.e. the entire show?

they may be taking parts from 2 shows and lumping them together to one show.