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Show how do you get on it

Car talk is on a local radio station at 10 am on Sat.then 6pm but this is a repeat of saturday. I tried to get on about a problem with my 99 olds cutlass. I speed dailed for 15 min.but got a buzzy signal or a recording that said your call can not be connected at this time then it hangs up. is there a trick to getting on air like start dailing at 6 am saturday morn.

All are repeats, no way to get on it anymore. They’ve retired.
Here’s their announcement:

@cdaquila - why isn’t the web site updated to reflect their retirement?

Describe your problem, we might be able to help.

The only way to be able to “get on” the show is to obtain a time machine, and go back a year or so, before they stopped taping new programs. Failing that, I suggest that you do what texases suggested, and post your question/problem in this forum.

  1. invent a time machine
  2. go back in time to before Click & Clack retired.
  3. call repeatedly.

OP should read the Wikipedia article on “Car Talk” for more info.