Show closing spiel

Maybe I’m the only one who noticed, but in the most recent episodes they’ve chopped the ending the tiniest bit. Instead of saying “This is NPR, National Public Radio,” they just say “This is NPR.” Not like it’s anything major, but it kinda takes some getting used to for me

I noticed that too - on other NPR shows as well. While I agree it’s not a big deal, I liked it the old way better. Sounded classier.

National Public Radio; they were too afraid it reminded people of the lost Public Option.

That’s because NPR is now officially no longer an acronym. It’s just NPR.

RatOmeter is correct.

In July, the network dropped its former “National Public Radio” moniker and now just uses “NPR.” See for example:

No need for formalities here: National Public Radio now says it wants to be known simply as NPR.

So the Washington-based organization has quietly changed its name to its familiar initials. Much like the corporate names KFC or AT&T, the initials now stand for the initials.

NPR says it’s abbreviating the name it has used since its debut in 1971 because it’s more than radio these days. Its news, music and informational programming is heard over a variety of digital devices that aren’t radios; it also operates news and music Web sites.Bark Off Review

I wonder what prompted them to not say that anymore? In past experience using abbreviations usually gets you in trouble. For example the WWE use to be the WWF until the World Wildlife Foundation told them they need to change it. It just baffles me that they would try to cut down on 1.5 seconds of talking.