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Ok, I’ve made it through the denial and pain stages, and I’m ready to move on to acceptance, but not without a bit of bargaining first. The plan to continue broadcasting old episodes is fine, and the blending of old and new material is understandable, but I fear the shameless commercial types at the station may be thinking they can pull a fast one on us listeners and gradually transition to all repeats without airing a fitting “finale”. Maybe fewer fans will stop listening if they don’t hear a “last” show, right? Don’t do it. I’ve been a fan forever and I need CLOSURE. I promise I’ll keep tuning in and donating well into the distant future when I’ll be listening to “Flying Car Talk” with my great-grandchildren. Tom and Ray deserve a glorious sendoff. {Note: If my fears are unfounded and a finale show is in the plans, then never mind, and please ignore that rude crack about shameless commercial types.}

Thank You,

I do not understand this closure thing. My Dad passed away July 29, he was 87 after 1.5 years of 24 hour assisted care. He had an 18 hour brain tumor surgery 10 years ago, the cyberknife 2.5 years ago, and had a 2 year downhill slide with hospice at the end. He was a WW2 vet that froze his feet in the 99th Infantry Brigade preventing the Germans from taking Belgium. He did not want a funeral, just to be cremated and we go on our way, We decided to have a family and friends memorial, at some date… That was fine to me , my mom, my sis, then came the cries of we need closure from the grandkids. So we set a date and they can have their closure, I do not get it. All the things you depend on closure to resolve for you should have been done in our circumstance in the last year and a half, and if you do not feel you might have that time, do it now. We had no interest in standing in front of an embalmed body to hug and sympathize with a parade of mourners, I do not get this we need closure thing.

Possible Bob and Ray, Yeah this is our last show hope we brought you some enjoyment over the years, snortle all we brought them was pain and lame car advice and now they are going to miss us and whenever we say it, the dogs cover their ears in desperation whimper and wait for a commercial? Yes that’s it exactly, and don’t forget to support NPR, Thank you and goodbye. Don’t you mean good riddance? No that’s what they say to us!
Closure ended.

Here’s a definition from that Tom and Ray might appreciate:

closure - the feeling that one’s prolonged state of emotional distress over some traumatic experience or situation has finally ended.

Two for T was that from the 8, (edit) wow looks like it’s down to 5 stages of death by Elizibeth Kubler Ross. For some people it never ends, mom was telling me about a couple who still wake up every morning missing their only child who 40 years ago committed suicide, and every day doing the what if, or I should have, and living in torment to this day. Brings tears to my eyes,

@Barkydog–I salute your father and his service to the country. My father-in-law was a disabled veteran from WW II. These servicemen didn’t talk much about their war experience nor did they want a big fanfare at the end of their lives.
Almost daily, I see long obituaries in the paper about people who have passed. I certainly don’t want that. My friends and family know what I have done. The people who don’t know me could care less. I hope all that is printed for my obituary are the words of the Chicago White Sox television announcer when a White Sox pitcher strikes out a batter on the opposing team. The announcer says: “He gone”. That is sufficient for me.
Tom and Ray have had a great show for many years. I’ve gained some automotive knowledge and had many laughs from the show. They are my age (over 70) and deserve a retirement. NPR, in my opinion, can just end the series with “They gone”.

For a finale, maybe Tom and Ray can team up with Carlie Ray Jeppsen and sing “Call Me Maybe” together?

I lost both of my parents years ago, at different times to different cause. I miss both of them, but have never felt the need for “closure”. I suppose that’s because I was good to them, and they good to me, while they were still alive.

I don’t want a fuss when I go. An obituary is necessary as a “public notice” for legal reasons, but I prefer not to have a wake or a funeral and it so states in my Will. I just want to be cremated, some of the ashes interred in the VA cemetery (where my parents are among my fellow veterans), and some of my ashes set adrift in the sea, which I love. I recall my parents’ wakes, where people who treated them like crap in life and people that hardly knew them came to peer into their caskets and offer condolences. A few probably came for the luncheon. I don’t want that. People who care about me call me in life. That’s when it matters, not after death. You can be as nice as you choose to someone after they die, but it’s how you treated them in life that matters.

Geez! Lighten up folks, I was talking about a radio show, not life and death. It’s traditional for a long-running show to say goodbye to its loyal fans. Tom and Ray should have a chance to do that. It’s just a retirement party, not a funeral.

I am struggling with the whole ending thing, but assumed (yes I know what they can mean) the guys would have a finale … this is the longest relationship I have ever held down and seriously need a bit of closure. Without a goodbye I demand a steak dinner at the Oak Room with Tom and Ray (I’ll even pay!) … Rangerover

Personally, I don’t need closure. I got closure when I found out Tom and Ray had already partially checked out without making an announcement, as if we were too stupid to notice the calls were about cars from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

People, this is just a way to make money for them, not a personal relationship.

I think many of their fans see it differently.

I said this in a response to a much earlier post, but maybe it’s worth repeating: A fitting tribute would either be for the tappet brothers to be special guests on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno or for Jay Leno to be the guest on the last Car Talk broadcast. This should bring “closure” to the years Click and Clack have been on the air.

I have to believe there was a bit of altruistic behavior, wanting to help people without expectation of reward. That is what I will remember them for. OK, maybe a little naive, willing to help people out without expectation of reward except the dinero from the radio show.

Naive, Barky. Definitely naive.

i have been devastated ever since i have heard that you new shows will be ending soon.
I have been listening for well over 20 years. You both have made me laugh,cry and think on a weekly basis. You have both helped me get through many rough times in my life. I always knew that i could listen on line or on Saturday mornings and no matter how badly things seemed you both would bring a smile to my face or make me laugh out loud.
I can’t tell you how much i love you both and your show.I know nothing about cars or the repair of cars. The extent of my knowledge is if the car does not start and it has gas in it it’s broken and time to call someone to fix it. There was an “incident” when i was 16 working on my 1963 ford falcon that told me i needed to learn another skill to get me through life and pay someone to fix my car.
God i’m going to be so lost to not hear new shows. I understand that your not the youngest guys in the world and we all need to retire at some time and i hope this is the case and there is not some other reason your leaving the show.
You both have “mad” intelligence and yet were so much like all of us knuckle daggers!! I could identify with your stories of family,marriage,vacation disasters,sibling rivalry and the everyday life. I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way.
I also hope that the “bums” at N.P.R. have a HUGE going away show for you. Its the least they can do for a show that was one of the most popular shows ever on N.P.R. !!! If they don’t i think we should all boycott donations until they do.
I wish you both the best in your lives and hope that some day soon i can fulfill an item on my bucket list and meet the both of you.
Until then i will be wishing on a star that a miracle happens and you start doing new shows again sometime in the near future.