Should we repair or junk our beloved pickup?

our 1995 Toyota pickup blew its engine yesterday, 2 weeks after $1100 worth of brakes, a/c recharge, and oil leak repairs. it’s a 4WD, standard transmission that gets lots of attention from many landscapers in our town… WWBRD?

Not likely worth the repair. You’re probably looking at anywhere from $3000-5000 to get it going again. I don’t see that as justifiable financially on a 15 year old vehicle.

I am more for finding out more (like body condition and such). That money paid for oil leaks is gone and cannot be figured in (any chance the oil leak repair and the “blown” engine (I really hate that very non-helpful term) are related?

It is not like you would be fixing an unpopular model. What engine is it and shop around for best price and best talent to do the engine repair/replacement.

Any pickup is worth some money, even when it doesn’t run. If the engine is a 22R or 24R (I forget which one they used back then) four cylinder, you should be able to find one without too much trouble.

All we’re talking about is the cost of having it installed. Replacing the truck will cost money too. Of course, if it only requires a new head, repair is the only answer.

The 22R engine was used for MANY years and was one of the best 4-cylinder engines ever built. It’s worth looking for a used engine and any decent mechanic can install it with little trouble…

The 1995 would have been the 22RE.

Anyway, what do you mean by “blew”? Can you be specific?

1994 was the last year of the 22R actually called 22RE.

If the body is in good shape and you like the truck, I’d fix it. If it has more than a little rust, you’d be better off moving on in my opinion.