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1997 Nissan Pickup - Engine swap

need engine what do you think about a engine from savage yard.

To put in a 97, sure. But a truck that old, it might be better to replace the whole thing.

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Is the goal to fix as cheaply as possible . . . or to get the truck running well?

If the goal is to fix as cheaply as possible, go to pick a part on 1/2 price weekend and take your chances, you might find a truck with the correct engine

If the goal is to get the truck running well, call the salvage yards that have the engines sitting on the shelf. Those types usually notate the mileage and made sure the engine was a runner before they pulled it from the vehicle

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Lemme think… With all due respect to @db4690,

A 22 year old salvage engine? No way. Most volume auto recyclers don’t hold engines much over 10 years old. If they did, the engine would have been sitting on the shelf with its seals drying up for about 19 years

The only use for a salvage engine that old, in my opinion, is as a parts donor or rebuildable core.