Should my registration CARD have come in the mail? (new car)

Well, I bought a new car from a dealer, and I received the license plates, and registration sticker in the mail as well as a receipt that the registration was paid (I paid the ‘processing fees’ which meant they were supposed to take care of all that stuff). However I did not receive a registration card - the card that you keep in your wallet. Should it have come from the dealer? Maybe it gets mailed seperately directly to me from the DMV? I don’t know. I’ve never bought a car before.

if it helps any, my car is bought, taxed and titled all in Texas. So its the texas ‘system’ that we’re dealing with here. Thanks all!


This is something that your local DMV would be more than happy to answer. Things like this vary so much from state to state, it’s easiest just to give 'em a call.

Ask your salesperson on what is supposed to occur. They should be helpful. If not the DMV website or person will be helpful.

Its my understanding that bona fide registrations come from the DMV. Call them.

Some states (most states) don’t give you a card. You should be able to tell if you have a registration. Look over the pasperwork, especially the receipt.

If you live in Allenstown NH you can get the registration at the town hall. Your state may be similar.