Why did the Cal dmv send new plates?

I bought a used Toyota Matrix from a dealership last week, and just received the registration. It included new Cal license plates… although the car already has Cal plates, and has never been registered in anywhere else.

Never seen this before. Makes me a little, umm… apprehensive.

Any ideas?

We can all only speculate. This could have been a clerical error, or perhaps regulations have changed, or…who knows?

For the “official” answer, I would suggest that you contact California DMV.

Used but never registered anywhere else? What does that mean? What plate number is on the current registration document? That’s the plates that should be on your car.

Check to see if you’re being charged for those new plates. Minnesota tried this trick to gain extra tax income. But it was argued that if there wasn’t anything wrong with the original plates on the vehicle, why would they require replacement? So now when you go in and pay the yearly license fee, they have to ask you if you need new plates.


Whatever the current registration states as a license plate number, use those plates. No question.

Meaning. In Ca, the plates usually stay with the car unless an owner requests new plates.