Should I Sell It or Repair It?

I have a 1999 Subaru Outback Limited with approximately 125,000 miles on it. Recently, it overheated while on a trip. It has been diagnosed with blown head gaskets. The mechanic tells me the clutch also needs replacing. I have been quoted $2,500 to repair. Should I get it fixed?

How much to fix the head gaskets? Shop around. I’d fix the head gasket problem.

Any symptom of needing a new clutch? I might skip this until you get a slipping clutch.

So you do believe this car is worth repairing then?

$1,600 for the head gaskets and other related items. FYI, I had gotten quotes from other mechanics of at least $1,200 and at least $1,300. When they say at least, that always means more.

The mechanic claims that the clutch is shot, based on visual inspection. He claims it will cost more, if I bring it back later on. Since he will already have the engine pulled to do the head gaskets. He’s quoting $600 to do the clutch now and $1,000 later on.

Selling it will not yield much.

I would move on personally but do not know your financials and how much have to spend on the next car. If you can only afford a replacement under $6000 I would be inclined to repair.