Subaru Head Gasket

I have a 2000 Subaru Outback with 207,000 on her. This car has treated me so well. Recently it was overheating and I took it into my mechanic; it was diagnosed with a blown head gasket based on the hydrocarbon levels in the coolant system. My mechanic (someone I trust to do warrantable and good work) estimated repairs ranging from 2000-3000. I’ve called around and found prices ranging from 1500-2500. I also have looked into head gasket sealants. While under different circumstances I would never consider the kind-of “quick fix” like the liquid sealants, the car has so many miles on it and I am just not certain it warrants putting that amount of money into it. I have considered replacing myself, but from what I’ve found, I would have to pull the entire engine. I am fairly capable . . . but pulling the whole engine could be more than my expertise. I love this car and would love to get a few more thousand out of her . . . any suggestions??

My sis in law managed another 7k without issue after her 2001 Forester blew its head gasket and she used some miracle in a bottle. She traded it in for decent amount of money for new Subaru as the AC needed repair and its getting hot soon.