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Time to trade or sell?

My 2001 Subaru Outback (130,000 miles) was just quoted $1800 - $2000 to repair split CV joint and replace head gaskets. Seems like I should look at repairing and trading my car. Opinions? What would be your snow car recommendation for new make?

Spend the bucks, repair the car, and drive it a few more years

db4690 Thanks for the input.

Was this from the dealer? If it was, I’d see if there are some good Subaru specialist independent shops in your area, they might do it for less. Click on ‘Mechanics Files’ above, then the ‘Advanced’ tab to search by make.

If your car has been otherwise reliable, been well maintained, looks good and is rust free, and you still like it, fix it. $2000 is a reasonable price for a complete head gasket job with timing belt and to replace a CV axle. $2000 isn’t very much money. Remember, $2000 won’t even pay the sales tax on a new car.

Your car is worth nothing without the repairs, it is worth much to you to use or trade if it is. As long as the body is safe and there are no other major component problems, go for it. At this stage, I would definitely be saving up for a new one and be ready when the next shoe falls, especially if it’s severe rust.

Is car driveable now? Or is it parked. You mention recommended service but do not mention if it is dead in the water

+1 for @dagosa since this was just what I was thinking.

My vote is for fixing the car with one caveat. That caveat would be whether or not the head gasket issues are due to seepage or if they failed due to severe overheating.

The latter can open up a can of worms and after a head gasket replacement one could be left with a poorly running and/or oil burning car with other issues related to converters, O2 sensors, and so on.