Should I replace the windshield?


I have a 2000 Honda Accord and it has gone through 3 windshields already. My husband drives it most of the time and right now the windshield has a pretty hefty crack in it. I think he should replace it. He says it’s not a problem or a danger. Any opinions?


I would replace it if it’s cracked. I replace mine every couple of years when it gets to pitted. Being able to see where you are going is a good thing.


Depending on the severity of the crack I would say replace it because the strength of the glass has been compromised. I don’t know about your area but around here there’s a lot of owls, hawks, pheasants, etc. and one good strike by a bird that size could leave the driver with a face full of broken glass.
(A large owl flew into the drivers aide corner of the windshield on my Subaru one morning right before the sun came up and that felt like a concrete block had been thrown at me).

Hopefully the Honda windshields have been cracked by flying rocks, etc. If these are cracking on their own then you have a problem.


This all depends on the length and type of crack, but I have had good experience with the (I believe) GoodYear windshield crack repair kit you can get at Wal-Mart and many auto parts stores. It’s in a yellow card-stock package and is mainly meant for spider type cracks from a rock hitting your windshield, but it also works on linear cracks.

The polymer used in this kit actually creates a stronger bond than the glass itself once fully cured.

Unfortunately, the cracks will worsen the more you drive due to the air pressure and through daily temperature changes; making a repair all that much more difficult.


I hope you have contacted your insurance company each time. You likely have glass coverage for just this sort of situation, even if you don’t realize it.


If its cracked it needs to be replaced. Windshields are now part of the structural integrity of the bodies and a crack will reduce the strength of the structure. If the damage is not from stones etc., you may have some other underlying structural problems that should be looked for that are causing increased stress to the glass.