Should I replace the gas in a rented vehicle?

Have any of you ever rented a loaner vehicle before anf if so did you put gas back in it because they asked you too,why or why not?

Do you mean you got scolded for not putting fuel back in the loaner vehicle .
If you replaced the fuel you used it seems they would say thanks.
Our Volvo dealer gives us a loaner but the paper work says to return with the same amount of fuel just like a rental place does.

I rented a skid steer, did not put gas back in it as the tank was still full, got an estimated charge for diesel based on hours of run time. Gas was not discussed when I rented it. Rented a truck, it was not full when I got it, I filled it up before returning, 15 miles, and 4 gallons of gas, they just said thank you. Messy stuff!

I’ve rented rental vehicles and I’ve been loaned loaner vehicles, but I’ve never rented a loaner vehicle.

So, I’ll bite… how does one rent a loaner vehicle?
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OK , I give up . Who scolded you ? It is hard to make any kind of useful comment without all the facts.

This is not a Car Talk subject . This is more of a Ann Landers type question .


Yep, your SO needs to take a chill pill…

While you probably didn’t have to replace the gas (next time call and check), you did nothing wrong.

I’m still not sure if you rented a loaner or borrowed a rental (see my question above to which I received no answer), but I see nothing wrong with replacing gasoline that you used during the time you operated the vehicle. It seems just and fair. To do otherwise would be literally irresponsible and free-loading.

That said, I could change my opinion if there exists a “… rest of the story” scenario that we are not privy to, here.
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My dealer asks me to return the car with the same fuel level, which is reasonable because I often take a pretty long drive with it.

That is the way that it works at my dealership, also.

The line is a bit blurry. My dealer does the same process for a loaner car as you’d do for a rental car and I end up with similar paperwork to carry in the car. Furthermore, they said that if there was an accident that it would be submitted to my insurance under the rental car coverage. Legally I think this is essentially a rental that just happens to have no charge to me.

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Can someone explain why Cargal75 had her vague useless post flagged ? Sure it was an edit of a post and makes no sense and she is hard to understand . But flag ?

Quien sabe?
I agree that her post was almost indecipherable and pointless, but I can’t see any reason to “flag” it.

I travel on business between 10 and 20 times a year, so I rent a lot of vehicles. And I ALWAYS return it filled. A dealer rental (which I assume is a loaner rental)…probably the same

I’ve never had a loaner from a dealer. If they told me part of the deal was to return the car with a full tank, I would do so after checking that the tank was full before leaving the lot. That’s what I do with car rentals. I also inspect the exterior and interior for damage. I report that too if something is amiss. I want to meet my end of the deal but don’t want to get saddled with someone else’s errors.

I always get a free loaner from my Subaru dealer, as long as the service involves more than just an oil change. I do a walk-around before I accept the free loaner in order to verify that there is no existing body damage, and I try to adhere to their proviso of “bring it back with the same amount of gas”.

If I am just driving home and then driving back to the nearby dealership, my total mileage is only about 12 miles, so I take a chance by not refilling it, and I have never been “scolded”, chastised, or otherwise criticized for using–maybe–1/2 gallon of gas.

I guess I wasn’t clear enough. I don’t get service from the dealer. :blush:

I don’t see this as any different from one of those posts where a husband writes and says, “my wife and I have a bet. [one of us says] it’s more fuel efficient to put the car in neutral going down a hill.” And commence the discussion. Now why send her to Ann Landers? :wink:

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Was not me!

She did not have a vehicle question . She has a relationship problem .

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