Want to laugh at me for being stupid?

I live in NY and had to attend a funeral in CT. I was about 60 miles from home and very well aware that I am trading the car tomorrow and getting my new Matrix. I needed gas AND I FILLED THE DAMN TANK!!! When I realized what I had just done, I was shouting words that my adult sons try very hard never to use in front of me. The dealer will get 3/4 of a tank when I arrive there tomorrow. I wish I had a siphon but I don’t, and I won’t have time to get one tomorrow before I am due at the dealer’s. The high cost of gas is making me a nasty person.

Ask for an additional $30 to $40 for the trade-in.

Ha ha ha! (Just kidding, of course.)

Having spent far too much time at them in recent years, I can tell you funerals aren’t exactly conducive to optimal rational thinking. Compared to the cost of the Matrix, the extra gas in the tank is chicken feed, even at today’s prices. Enjoy your new car and forget about the gas.

Or maybe you should just drive around all night…

Don’t feel bad, I’ve done much dumber and more expensive stuff to cars. Just pick up your new car and have fun.

It wasn’t dumb. You just had your mind on important things.

The tanks have a coarse filter somewhere in the refilling line, so the siphon might not work. Think of it as an expense incurred because of being a creature of habbit.
I did the same with my last car.
And I remember that when I was in college, I used to never put in more than $10 worth of gas in my car, and was forced to pay attention to those things because of the shortage of money.
Which problem would you rather have.

You will be able to laugh about this later and it could be worse. At the dealership where I work a salesman told me a guy hit a deer the night before he was to trade.

No, I won’t laugh at you. You weren’t “really stupid”–you were simply T.C.B.–more important business. And with more fuel in the tank, maybe your car dealer will be a little sympathetic and give you some kind of a break even if it’s only a free wash job or something. But you are not stupid–just a responsible person doing what’s right. But I’ll never spill the beans on myself and some of the really stupid stuff I did!

Back when gasoline was 60 centa a gallon normally, I filled up with 24 gallons on the Mass Pike when I had about forty miles to go before I could get it for the regular price. It was 90 cents on the highway pit stop. I don’t care now but it was different then.

Trade your car in another day.

You’re obsessing over nothing. Boo-boos like that you should just say “oh darn”, go ahead and pick up your new matrix, and enjoy it.

it’s the thought of filling up the tank that counts. plus the dealer should (have) gave (given) you more on the trade.

dope slap! dope slap! dope slap!

If that’s the worst thing you did this week, it’s been a pretty good week.

Sounds like you need to go on another long trip to burn off some of that unwanted gas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe both, Normie. BTW, I think that you are a belligerent bigot and I find posts like this offensive. I believe that you owe us an apology.

Norm, you have just crossed the line from idiotic to offensive.


As I pointed out to you already in another thread, the person who asked that question about installing air bags in an old Civic is not the only person to have ever posted something on this site without thinking about how ridiculous it would sound to hundreds of people.

Do you by any chance have a mirror in your house? If so, you can gaze at this site’s prime example of someone who posts things without any rational thought process being involved.

Guess what Norm? You are someone with no common sense. you are dense, insensitive and you do not know when to shut your mouth. You constantly say things without thinking. But I guess this is what happens when cousins marry. Norm, you are a butt hole.

What’d he say? What’s he say??? His post got deleted, so it must have been way over the line.

NYBo–We have all become attuned to Norm’s usual “helpful” advice that bashes GM, but provides little practical advice other than “buy a Ford”. And, we have seen all too many instances of him going totally off-topic to condemn anyone whom he perceives as being “liberal”.

We have even seen examples of his scientific knowledge, such as his reference to “highly explosive nitrogen” (ha!). All of the previous references, while tending to be bizarre, have not been as bad as what he posted in this thread yesterday.

This time he decided to show more of his true colors by posting an anti-Semitic reference, and apparently the webmasters of this site agreed with those of us who felt that Norm had really gone over the line with that bit of vitriol.