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Does AC condenser replacement require Dryer-Accumulator replacment?

My condenser has a leak and I am replacing it, do I need to replace the Receiver-Dryer-Accumulator at the same time? Thanks for your advice. Where is the best place to buy these parts? Does anybody have any experience with their prices are very low.

I forgot to ask about compressor oil. The Haynes manual mentions adding one once of oil when replacing the condenser and another once of oil when replacing the dryer. The Jeep service manual only mentions adding an once of oil when replacing the condenser but doesn’t mention adding oil when replacing the dryer. If I replace the dryer should I add some oil? When I have the system charged, can they determine the amount of oil in the system and make sure it is correct?

I would replace the receiver-dryer if you want your repair to be successful and the AC components to last. If it’s been leaking for a while, it would probably be a good idea to add the full two ounces of oil, as you’ve probably lost some anyway. There is no way I know of to determine the amount of oil in the system. When it is vacuum-evacuated and charged, they will probably add whatever amount of make-up oil is recommended for the procedure.

Thank You! very much, I really appreciate the advice. I will replace both of them and add the oil. Can I install the dryer and then drive over the the AC shop and have them recharge about an hour later? Or do I need to have the shop install the dryer immediately before the recharge?

It also would be a good idea to replace your expansion valve. This does the job of the orifice tube but is used on Chryslers. It is cheap and will ensure the repair is done correctly and will last.

Evaluate how hard it is to get to the expansion valve before replacing it just because, you could be adding 300.00 to you bill. Textbook rules say do the drier, these rules are routinely ignored. If I was simply doing a condensor I would give the customer the choice about both, drier is probably not too expensive, you would not see the effect of not replacing the drier for several years, if ever.

I ended up replacing only the condenser and the two hoses connected to it. The only reason I replaced the hoses was because I twisted them when I was trying to take them off. I didn’t need to deal with compressor oil because the people at CarX took care of that when they did the evacuation and recharge. Two months later it’s still working great.