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Should I repair my vehicle before I sell it?

I have a 1999 Toyota Tacoma w/ extended cab, 4WD , and a 2.4L 4cylinder engine. It has 158,000 miles on it. My wife and I recently had a baby, and I want to sell it so that I may buy a larger, family vehicle. The truck has never had new brakes and is in need of new shocks and struts. Also, some jerk broke into it a few months ago by punching in the passenger side lock, so now the lock part is inside the door, leaving a hole where it used to be. Should I repair all of these things before I attempt to sell it, or should I sell it “as is”? I am relatively handy, and I am sure I can do the brake job and replace the shocks and struts, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the door lock. Is it worth it to do these repairs?

Your only real concern here is the door. To properly repair the door lock will most likely require bodywork, as you say it’s been punched into the door. You have two options, bodyshop or door replacement (then maybe paint). The shop would probably be cheaper, unless you happen to find a really good door, in the right color, and can get it for a good price and swap the parts (if the lock is even any good). Make a couple phone calls to find out. Yards will tell you whether or not they have one, but you’ll have to go and see it’s condition and color. They’ll even give you price over the phone.

If you can do the other repairs, and sell the car as fully functional, go for it. You’ll get more than if you sell something that needs work. Shocks/struts and brakes can all be done at the same time. Do one end at a time.

These things (Tacoma’s) sell well down here (in Texas). Not idea where you are. You could check and see what similar one’s are going for. You’ll definitely have to knock off more for the repairs than you would put into them.