Should i junk it or keep it

i have a 1993 honda accord sedan fully loanded with 230000 in it it works and drives but a relative of mine had a wrecked it. the components that are damages are the hood, bumper, headlight assembly, fender, powere steering resovior, and the inner fenrder. but the frame is not harmed and the motor is not harmed. so should i keep it or scrap it?

if your relative had insurance to cover the cost go for it… if not, you are investing in a 16 year old vehicle…

I can’t imagine any insurance company is going to pay any money to fix this car. If you can fix it for under $800 or so and there really isn’t a single thing else wrong with the car, go for it, but otherwise move on to a newer car.

I think I would take this as a sign that it’s time to move on. You got plenty of service out of this car but now it’s going to cost a bunch of money to fix. If you want to fix it yourself with junk yard parts that’s one thing, but paying someone to do the body work will cost more than the car is worth.

my uncles a mechanic i think he might know how to fix it

Are you or your relative going to pay for it? If it’s him, get it fixed, if not, get a new relative.

Unless you get a new car keep it. 300,000mi is very possible.