Keep & Repair or Buy "New to Me" Used?

Okay, my Dad wrecked my car last winter. Wrapped it into a tree. The parts that are affected are: driver’s side headlight, driver’s side fender, hood, front bumper, busted oil pan, and a bad power steering pump. Also, the front strut is completely bent upside down, (would not be able to put in a new headlight if this wasn’t fixed). Should I keep and repair this car or buy a “new” used one?

You don’t say what car or year. But based on the obvious lack of collision or comprehensive insurance, I’d guess you are replacing an older car. This is a lot of damage for any car. There may be damage to the frame, and other problems might very easily come up. That the oil pan was broken is enough for me. Replace the car for your money with a new old car.

You Can Fix The Problem With Just A Simple Screwdriver !

Unscrew the license plate and remove it from the totaled car. Tighten the screws while holding the plate to the rear-end of a different not-so-totaled car and Voil? !

You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.


Sorry, I have a 1995 Subaru Legacy L Sedan. This is my main car, and right now, I am driving my parents’ minivan. (blech!) I’ve never thought of the frame or anything. Thanks for the information!

You know what is wrong with your car.  You don't know what is wrong with any car you buy to replace it. 

Think of it this way.  Stop thinking of your car as your car.  Think of it as a car you are considering buying for whatever you would consider selling it for. Now knowing what you know, make your decision.

Subaru + tree = a loose collection of spare parts.

Time for a “new” car.

I believe I’ll just get another used car. There’s no since in repairing a car that’s gonna cost more than it’s worth.

That Makes Scents !


Since it’s 16 years old, the insurance company will likely total it out and give you a check for what they think it’s worth. Take that money and go buy something else.

Can’t quite do that. Liability.