1995 Honda: Fix or Move On?

My 1995 Honda was rear-ended and their insurance totaled the car at $2300. My dad bought this car new and I have driven it for the last 5 years. It has been well taken care of with no problems at 210,000 miles. The back end frame is bent, the muffler/exhaust system needs replacing and the rest is cosmetic. Should I use the insurance money to move on or get it fixed? I have estimates from a few shops anywhere from $3000 to bear minimum work to $5000 to make it look pre-accident. This car has been so reliable but heard that with a bent frame it just may never be the same. Would I be putting money into a sinking ship or would i get a few more years? Thanks.

Time to move on. My son had a 96 Acura and was rear ended with about 90K on it. It was well cared for and in good shape but it was time to let it go. He ended up with a good deal on an Infinity that was a great car. Its just not worth putting any money into it.

Another vote to move on. Your Honda “died” in that crash. Some parts can be used on other vehicles but your little car is gone.

Definitely time to move on… Its a shame yes, but its Game Over once that sort of thing happens. The car has served your family well. I’m sorry for your loss.

Say Goodbye and move on.