Should I fire my mechanic?

Should I fire my mechanic? Here’s what happened: My front drivers side wheelbearing was making noise. I took it to a recommended mechanic. They said “yes” the wheelbearing needs replacing and gave me an estimate. I went back (without the estimate) and had the work done. When they handed me the bill, the front passenger side was indicated as the replaced bearing. And now there is a new very loud noise when I apply the brake.

So I took it back today about the noise. They turned my rotors and now makes more noise than ever. They say it is bushings.

Should I fire them?

I think you should take it to another mechanic

Get a second opinion and maybe a third. If that’s firing them; yes, fire them.

I would ask for an estimate on the bushings and then work them hard for a low cost repair since they just collected twice on the wrong end.

Going to a new mechanic may fix the problem but at full price.

So when they wrote up the repair order what did it state on there?
Replace the passenger side or the driver side?

How long a time period between the original estimate and having the work actually done?

And what kind of noise are you talking about; grind, pop, growl, rumble, clank, etc.?

Never tell the mechanic what you think the problem is, for sure he will fix that problem even if you were wrong in your diagnosis.

Um . . . BitBurg, Excuse Me, This Question Needed An Answer Last Year, 6 Months Ago.

I would think this ship has already sailed.


The first thing you did wrong is to give them your diagnosis. Shops are only to happy to oblige,remember the customer is always right. You need to let them come up with a diagnosis.

The next thing you did wrong is that after it was discovered that the wrong wheel was operated on you let them keep working on the car instead of asking for your money back. As Jay Leno famously asked “what were you thinking”?

Yes you should find another mechanic and use better judgement yourself. I find many people who are taken advantage of by mechanics have a hand in their own fleecing.

Um . . . Old School, Excuse Me, This Question Needed An Answer Last Year, 6 Months Ago.

I would think this ship has already sailed.


I like to type. It appeaps you also do.


Why Do You Say That?

What’s even crazier about this whole “Should I Fire My Mechanic?” question is that we’ve been working on it for half a year now with over 10 responses and Torbjorn has never responded during the entire 6 months, no input at all. I think he / she was fired by his / her mechanic.