Leaking struts on Subaru 2015 Forester

There was a recall on the subaru forester 2015 suspensions. Few weeks after being repaired, some thumping noise would come (time to time) from the back. Eventually it became very frequent. Took it to the dealer, they said it is leaking struts and they need to be changed. Has 29,000 Kms on it and the quote was CA$788.00 plus 13% tax. My question is, is it dangerous to drive it or it needs to be fixed asap? Just as a side note, this car is truly a shitbox. Nothing but problems since day 1. Owned a Honda Accord 2000, 2009 Santa fe limited (which I still have), 2015 Elentra, 2015 MDX, 2017 MDX. Thank God it is not my car but my mother-in-law’s. I told her to buy it after seeing all the reviews (big mistake). It is by far, I really mean this, by FAR the worse car. You wont believe how many issues this car had.

Since this isn’t under warranty, check with an independent mechanic, get a diagnosis and a price. Both rear ones would need to be replaced, if that’s the problem. Odd coincidence that the noise happened after the recall…do you know what the recall was for, specifically?


Did you type that correctly… this car has 29,000 km? In 7 years? Was the recall for rear struts or fronts?

If the struts are.leaking a little, a dribble of oil or wetness at the top, you can drive a long time before the car starts to feel sloppy… meaning too much oil has leaked out and the struts are no longer working. If they are leaking so badly that one is leaving a small puddle under the car, they need to be replaced now. They should be replaced in pairs.

If the car really only has 29K km, the seals likely dried out from lack of use.

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First post has a link to a parts selling site . Me thinks a Spammer.

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Something is wrong, get a second opinion.

You beat me to it.

The quote doesn’t seem unreasonable but my two cents is to take it to a reputable independent shop and see about getting higher quality struts. While you’re at it, check the half-shaft boots, front and rear.

It’s your mother in laws. Leave it as is.

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I didn’t view your post as others did. Although your link to your favorite Subaru parts site seemed sincere in wanting to help, there is a policy on the site against promoting businesses.

It’s a gray area though. If you search this site for “online parts”, you’ll find many discussions of buying parts online, and those discussions include plenty of links to favorite online sites.

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Recall is for rusted/broken rear springs; not struts.

There are 3 possibilities is the way I see it.
Someone made an error in the spring change during disassembly.
Age has done in a rubber strut mount.
The unloading of the strut while changing the spring has caused it to fail. This would not be their fault.

Subaru struts hold up very well. Any leak worth worrying about should be very noticeable. You might ask someone else to point these strut leaks out.

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Since the post is gone then the Moderators must have thought it was Spam also.


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Seeing you can buy KYB struts for the back for a little over $100 a piece they are charging you over $500 in labor . Take it somewhere else to have it done , it is out of warranty at this point anyway .

The difference is that this was the first post for this person.

I don’t think Joe understands how the internet paid Spammers operate . Usually the giveaway is a post to a thread with a link to a selling site . Also many times just the word usage is a clue because so many of the posters are in foreign countries . I also don’t think that a post will disappear after so many flags like a previous version did. I still miss watching the Korean dating posts vanish if you were flagger number 5 .

Well, no. If a shop buys a strut for $100, they will sell it to the customer for $200. So parts alone could be $400 of the original estimate.

Is there something in the rules that says all the previous posts where contributors shared their favorite sites were acceptable because it wasn’t their first post?

We will never know if d.antonette was spamming or not. I felt the tone of his reply was that he likely was not spamming. Others felt it was. That isn’t the point.

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