Should I buy an extended warranty?



for my 60th birthday my wife bought me a mercedes SLK 350; I only use it on weekends and in nice weather ( I live in the midwest so that only gives me 6 months of “good weather”} the car will soon be 4 years old and only has 1200 miles on it; it hasnt been driven enough to even make the Mercedes first service visit; should I now by the extended warranty? thanks


No on the extended warranty. You don’t drive it enough. If something ever breaks you can afford the repair.

That said, you need to have the car serviced. The low miles is one thing, but over time fluids breakdown and don’t protect the car. You need to have the oil changed at a minimum. Brake fluid, coolant, trans. fluid, and differential fluid also might need changing. Consult the service section of your owner’s manual. Forget the miles part of it since you hardly drive any miles. What are the time intervals, for instance oil changes every 6 months is pretty common in cars that are driving infrequently and for low miles.



Keep in mind that the salesman and the dealer and the insurance company all are taking part of the money you pay. There is no way that the average person is going to come out ahead.

The estimates I have seen show that only about 50% of the total you pay comes back to you.


No, and go for a drive now and then. You need a warranty like you need your $800,000 bank account to get you to the end of the month. With your kind of money, you can buy two warranties but all they will do for you is add more papers to your files.