BMW Maintenance Warranty Extension 50,000 +


I have a BMW X-3. The 4 yr/50,000 mile warranty is about to expire. Is it worth the money to buy the maintenance warranty for the next 2 yr/50,000 miles up-front? Or just pay for the scheduled maintenance and probable brake, etc replacements as they come?



how many $$ for the warranty?


Time to trade…


The warranty will cost $1745. including taxes. If what I am being told is correct, here is a breakdown (no pun intended):
These services that are priced individually are what i can expect to need:
60,000 mile service @ $450.
75,000 mile service @ $250.
90,000 mile service @ $450.
new breaks and pads, etc. $1000.
break flush $110.
coolant flush $120.
belts & 180.
243.20 TN tax

I drive 25,000. miles a year. Thanks!


Does it include an extended warranty? If yes well worth it since maintenance is covered.


It is a maintenance warranty only. As second owner, the “extended” warranty is not available,only the maintenance warranty.


Are you sure it includes maintenance as well as repairs? Read the policy closely; don’t take the seller’s word for it unless it is in writing in the contract. They aren’t giving service away. My guess is that it is repairs only, and is probably not worth it. Someone will go over the extended warrant cost in repairs, but most people won’t.


Call an independent Euro/BMW specialized garage and ask about maintenance 50k-100k costs. If you have non-covered problem they likely will less than dealer.


so bottom line:

this is not a warranty, it’s just prepaying for the next 3 scheduled maintenance services, plus replacing brakes and probably rotors. Is there any reason to prepay? Is it a bit cheaper than paying when the service becomes due?

You can get equivalent service at an independent shop for probably a lot less.


I would also be concerned about these plans if you wreck your car, its stolen or life changes drastically and you have to sell it.


Like any other insurance, you just have to be prepared to pay the cost if you don’t have it. Sounds a little steep for the length of coverage but then those BMW’s are expensive to fix.