Extended warranties

we are buying our leased car, Camry 2007 xle, with only 6400 miles, and wonder whether we need to consider an extended warranty even tho we have very low mileage and do not expect to use the car very much in the next five years.

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absolutely not.

Save your money. Extended warranties are just profit generators for the dealer. You don’t need one.

First check the details of the warranty. As Stated by many this is not an option that dealers loose money on. I am in the minority but if your mileage is low and you get a full term with mileage and time, ie 7/70 you only drive 10k miles per year and plan on keeping it 7 more years, as I do I consider it reasonably priced insurance, as for our 03 it was $750 for bumper to bumper, except tires and brakes of course. We have had a fuel pump replaced on the extended warranty and no cost for the towing, and I know I will have no auto repair expenses until june of next year.