Should I buy a 2002 Mazda Millenia

I am entering grad school in the fall and want a good, reliable, car with good handeling. I found a Mazda Millenia for $7500 with 49K. The car has lived through several Chicago and Boston winters, which is why I am a bit hesitant to purchase. Does anyone have any helpful thoughts? Is that price reasonable? Should I keep looking? Also, do I really have to put mid-grade gas into it? I am going to have my trusted mechanic do a once over as well…

You have to use the grade of fuel specified in the owner’s manual. I’m not sure what the Millenia calls for, but you can’t use anything with lower octane.

Doesn’t this car use a “Miller Cycle” engine, or something like that? I suggest you have it checked over by someone who’s familiar with these cars.

Just checked. The Millenia uses a Miller cycle engine with a supercharger.

Inspect this car VERY CAREFULLY. A lack of maintenance by the former owner could be costly down the road.

A Mazda Millenia is not the same car as a Mazda Miata. I have no idea what a Millenia is, except that it isn’t a sports roadster. Consumer Reports does give the 2002 Mazda Millenia a thumbs up as a used car.

As with any used car, have it checked over very thoroughly. I started off for graduate school in a 1947 Pontiac that cost me $75. On what I was able to save from my assistantship, I swapped for a 1955 Pontiac. This car was on the Consumer Reports recommended list. The engine in the 1955 had been overhauled and the car had a manual transmission. The car was a lemon from day one. I finally traded it to my Dad for his 1954 Buick which he was going to trade for a new car. The dealer allowed him more for my 1955 Pontiac than for his Buick, so I was bailed out of my disaster.