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Should I add Sta-Bil?

I just bought a Tahoe a couple of months ago. It was last driven when I picked it up from the dealer. It hasn’t been driven since because
of circumstances beyond my control. Should I add Sta-Bil to prevent the fuel from getting stale? If so how much? The tank is full.
Any other advice? Thanks.

Sta-bil will not make bad gas good again . . BUT if you are not going to drive much in the next year on that tank of gas ? . . . ABSOLUTELY.
I have a 79 Chevy pickup that gets driven twice a year at best. . has a grand total of 71,215.0 miles on it.
Years ago I snapped, that old gas was its problems starting and running next spring.
Finally snapped . . after using sta-bil religiously for the weedeater and chainsaw gas.
Us car collectors must remember our rarely driven vehicles too.

ps, When you put in Sta-bil, be sure to run the engine a bit to get the sta-bil into the sytem like injectors or carb so that gas does not caramelize.


Hey grizzly!! I Haven’t seen you at that other place in a long time. I hope all is well with you.

Yes, and make sure it is a Sta-Bil product that is compatible with ethanol gas. At this point the gas is likely fine, adding Sta-Bil now is helpful if you aren’t going to be able to use up the current gas in 6 to 12 more months.

Ken makes an excellent point… Many people think about using Sta-bil far too late in the game. The stuff does work when added to fresh fuel…but even then…its no guarantee…it just slows the fuel going stale a bit. Like @“ken green” mentioned…it wont magically transform stale fuel into fresh again.

If the tank of fuel is very old currently… I would actually look to siphon or pump it out and burn it in another vehicle…or use it up…then fill the tank with 5-10 gals of fresh fuel and immediately treat it with Sta-bil and then be sure to run the vehicle long enough to pull the treated fuel into the injectors etc…


When you add the Sta-bil to the tank, be sure to then run the engine for a bit (10 minutes or drive it around the block). That will give the Sta-bil a chance to get mixed in and to find its way into the fuel lines up to the injectors.

Yep…what he said… lol