I was wondering about my gas going stale because i don't drive many miles in a month

I only drive about 50 miles a month. Should I put Sta-bil or something in the tank to prevent the gas from going stale? Thanks for your thoughts/recommendations.


Yes. I’d also get it out on the freeway at least once a month for a half hour to get it thoroughly warmed up.

And remember that the maintenance schedule has a time limit as well as a mileage limit, whichever comes first. So if your oil changes are specified at a 5000 mile, there is probably also a 5 month limit. given your low mileage, you should carefully read the owners manual for those intervals.

Does your insurance company know you drive this little? Sometimes there’s a discount for that.

Yeah I would agree, especially if you use ethanol. I would suggest trying to use non-oxy fuel if you can get it too. This is labeled for rec vehicles, boats, etc. At my station it is the premium grade but that’s all I use for my small engines and my car that just sits.

As long as you are using a tankful every 6 months it’s not an issue…

The newer cars are pretty well sealed, so the old rules may not apply any more.

Here in Mexico, I have a chain saw that does not get used much. When I do use it, I have to toss out the remaining gas in the tank, and put new gas in from the sealed container. That stays good for many months. The stuff in the tank simply will not run the motor after a few weeks.

I suspect Caddyman is correct. In a sealed system, that gas is going to last quite a while.

Yes, Sta-Bil will help and I also agree with texases about taking the car out on the open road at least once a month to get it fully warmed up. The type of driving your car sees is about the worst that a car can suffer through.

Sealed tank or not, gasoline (especially Ethanol) can go stale pretty quickly. You simply cannot keep moisture out

Another ‘yes’ here too.
My 79 has a whopping 71,000 original miles on it.
I haven’t put new gas in for two years.
It will start right up today if I needed to haul something.
– the key is…
Staybil must be put into good fuel…it will not make bad gas good.