Gas getting stale?

I have an old Chevy Tahoe which I don’t need to drive much. (It’s a second car.) Anyway, I would like to do what I can to keep it in shape and
avoid paying for gasoline stabilizer. How long will gas be ok without it? (Car parked on carport.) Am I right that ethanol-free gasoline will last a little
bit longer without going bad? Any other advice? (Don’t bother telling me about battery, oil, running engine as I already know about that.) Thanks

yes ethanol free gas will last much longer, but it is more expensive and a fill up with it will cost more than a small bottle of stabilizer.

even so, I would get ethanol free gas and shell out 5-6 bucks for a bottle of stabilizer that will be enough for 5-6 fill ups.

also keeping the tank full will help eliminate condensation and oxidation , both of which will accelerate the gas going bad

Just pay for Staybil.

My 79 has not had any gas added for two years !
Right now, today, it will start right up .

lol ken, you are right I think, but its about time to burn that old gas up isn t it?

I think if you live in a dry area of the country gas will last longer too

If you could run a tank of gas through it every 3 months or so I would skip the Stabil. Otherwise, it’d be cheap insurance IMO.

A bottle of Stabil costs like, 14 bucks. I don’t understand what the big deal is.

This beast has a 30 gallon tank. How much Stabil is that?

Gas, even E-10, should be okay for 6 months…With a stabilizer, it’s good for a year or more…You don’t need to keep 30 gallons in the tank…10 gallons is plenty…How old is your Chevy? If the gas tank is sealed (does it have a carbon canister?) condensation is not a problem…

I’ve got to go start mine up. I get ethanol free and also put stabil in. Yeah it costs a little more but so what? It just sits there anyway. I think last year I added about $20 worth.

I need to do the same to mine bing…

The 10 oz bottle says ‘treats up to 25 gallons’, costs about $5. Cheap insurance.

If burn your Tahoe’s soon-to-be-stale fuel every 3 months, you’ll spend about $80 to fill the tank.

If you use a can of Stabil (or another additive) you will spend maybe $7 or $8.