Should GM warn owners of successive year product failures?

I experienced the failure of my rear AC evaporator. GM doc.ID 4418329 states the cause of failure is Blower Motor brush dust could lead to accelerated corrosion. This failure is for 3 GM products for years 2013 to 2016. I feel that GM should warn their customers of this issue, such that customers could take corrective action vs paying $1,200 for a known failure condition. Your thoughts?

You’ve got the document and you’ve got your warning. Good for you. You didn’t need a special warning.

Like you, I research purchases prior to making them and that includes cars. With all products come little “idiosyncrasies.” It’s not just GM.

Would it be a good idea for all the car manufacturers to send owners copies of all Technical Service Bulletins pertaining to their specific vehicles? I think not. We already have too much regulation and this would just make vehicles cost more. Besides, not all the things on bulletins materialize and many/most customers wouldn’t read them, understand them, or heed them.

Car buyers are given a warranty to cover vehicles for a certain period of time. Buyers should shop for vehicles with good coverage if that is a concern.

People seem to enjoy taking shots at GM. I have no beefs with GM. I buy their products and am very satisfied. I have some GM cars right now with outstanding (unnecessarily required) recalls. Please, no more requirements put on car manufacturers.
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If this logic were to be used the can of worms opened would be massive beyond belief. The expense would be huge and any expense is going to be passed along to future customers; including you if you chose another GM vehicle.

GM is no different than any other transportation manufacturer from Audi to Zundapp when it comes to Recalls, TSBs, or chronic issues for which there is no Recall or TSB.

So what exactly what corrective action would you take even if you knew in advance?
What is the customer going to say if the GM dealer says during a routine service that “Sorry, but your evaporator needs to be serviced or corrosion is going to set in”? How many people will consent to spending big bucks on a pre-emptive strike without feeling they’re being ripped off?
Just rhetorical questions is all…and I fully agree with mountainbike.

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ok4450, Just curious… What did mountainbike say?
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From his comments about auto idiosyncrasies to sending TSBs to customers to certain periods of time for warranties to being content with GM. Spot on with every comment…

Haven’t seen Zundapp for a while, my brother had a 250 in the 60s, I rode it when he went in the Navy.

Are you sure that was mountainbike?
Last comments I’ve seen from him make it seem like he’s not a big fan of GM. :wink:

CSA, you and mountainbike look exactly alike from here. It’s no wonder ok4450 mistook your comments as coming from mountainbike. :grinning:

I agree if it wasn’t for the palm trees . . .

IMHO GM shouldn’t be required to notify their customers for something that could happen like that, unless it is identified as a recall. A person could make an argument however that the dealerships should offer a shop service (for a fee) where the customer makes an appointment to bring their car in, then the staff reviews the tsb’s outstanding on customer’s car and makes inspections and/or recommendations for preventative maintenance.

That’s a TERRIBLE idea, George

Bing, I was wondering… do you think those palm trees make my butt look big?
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We shouldn’t… my mountain bike is up north. The only bikes I ride here are a Giant Transend EX Commuter bike and some Dahon Helios folding bikes.

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You can make it, but I can’t. I research all the TSBs that apply to my vehicles. Most of what is in those bulletins never surfaces as problems. And I keep my cars a long, long, time.

When a problem occurs with a vehicle the TSBs are the first place I look, though. That’s how I utilize them.
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