Shortest 7-passenger vehicles

Does anyone know which 7-seat vehicles (SUV or any other kind of car) are the shortest in length? I need to be able to park it on the street.

I think the Ford Freestyle/Taurus x is probably one of the shortest. Although many minivans may be shorter. I think size isn’t as important, though, as visibility. I’ve found it much easier to drive and park my Crown Victoria than any minivan I’ve ever driven, simply because I can see all four corners. Find a vehicle that you can see out of well, then size doesn’t matter as much.

Shortest in LENGTH? I’d guess a Dodge Caravan (regular, not “Grand”). It’s also much easier to enter and exit for kids, elderly, and disabled people than any 7-passenger capable SUV.


Mazda MPV. It’s about 8-inches shorter than the Ford products. And you actually have cargo space when you use seating for 7. Of course, the MPV and Taurus are only used cars.

A Dodge (Grand) Caravan or any other minivan can easily be parked on the street. I even borrowed one(diesel!) in Europe(Italy) where cars as a whole are smaller and had not issues with parallel parking.

Look at the Kia Rondo.

I think this is the shortest and most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicle I have ever seen.

Add a side car and it will be good for 7 people.

I managed to stuff 7 people into my '70 VW bug a few times in college; I don’t remember why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We had 14 in and on an MGB, until we started moving. A few guys fell off the back. We were down to about 11 by the time we hit 10 MPH.

That may be a record.

If backing up is your problem, buy and install one of the new backup camera kits. They don’t cost that much and make backing up a breeze. I find the Grand Caravan easy to handle & park due to the large windows.

I’m counting at least 6 and maybe 7 on that motorcycle. If you count the shoes there are 4 behind the driver, the driver with feet on the floorboards, plus one in front of the driver, and I don’t think the red leg in front of the driver belongs to the the kid at the very front, so that would make 7!