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Look for a new car with 7 seats( no van)

We are looking for a new car with 7 seats, but we dont want van! What is good choice for us?

Ford Flex. (car)

Or the SUVs, Explorer (crossover now in 2011) & Expedition ( truck based )

If not a van, then you’re looking at a SUV/CUV, like a Pilot, Traverse, Flex, that kind of thing. You might go buy the Consumer Reports car buyers guide, lots of info. Just make sure you get one that has enought room in the 3rd row, some don’t.

Why is it that people who don’t want a van are the perfect candidates for one?

Toyota Highlander you’ll probably want the v6, so you’re looking at 18/24 mpg. I don’t think the 4cyl will be adequate for hauling 7 people around all the time.

Toyota 4runner will give you 17/23

Toyota Sequoia will give 14/20 or 12/17 depending on engine

Toyota Land Cruiser 13/18

Toyota Sienna 19/24 or 16/22

Ford Explorer 17/25

Ford Flex 17/24

Honda Pilot 17/23

Hyundai Veracruz 17/22

Subaru Tribeca 16/21

Mazda CX-9 17/24

Mazda 5 21/28

Chevy Suburban 15/21 or 10/16

Chevy Tahoe 15/21

Chevy Traverse 17/24

Dodge Journey 19/25 or 17/25

Dodge Durango 16/23 or 14/20

Mercedes GL 17/21(diesel), 13/18 or 12/17

Land Rover LR4 12/17

Acura MDX 16/21

Go look at all of those, except the Mazda 5 or the Toyota Sienna. You won’t like them, they’re vans

The best vehicle for such a job is usually a minivan. Most minivans will easily and comfortably haul seven people and their cargo, while many crossovers and SUVs will not. Many seven seater crossovers and SUVs will leave three or more people crying out in discomfort, save for the smallest and most limber of children, and the third row will be right up against the back hatch, leaving no room for cargo or groceries. Even vehicles like the long wheelbase Chevy TrailBlazer and Ford Expedition leave little room behind the third row of seats. If you don’t want a minivan but want to haul lots of people, you may be stuck with a Chevy Suburban or something like that, and its ten mile per gallon fuel consumption.

How about the movie Vacation with the The Griswold family’s cross-country drive to the Walley World theme park

Buick Estate Wagon

Old car? Caprice Classic or Buick Roadmaster wagon? Using the rumble seat will eliminate all cargo room, though.

Seriously, though, minivan or Suburban, take your pick, unless you will only be transporting people and not stuff. If that’s the case, other three row vehicles may suit your needs.

A used limo might be just what you want.