Short Term storage

I got a 2013 model car, I might have to travel for business for two months in December and January, I live around Detroit which gets cold and snowed during this time. So I want to see if its going to be okay to live the car sitting outside under a shelter for two months? If so, what care should I take before hand.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

make model?

Usually nothing is needed for just 2 months…They sit on the dealers lots longer than that…

I would just try to have a good coat of wax on the paint, and leave the car as clean as you can when you park it for storage.

Under a shelter for two months is fine. I would still add stabilizer for ethanol. Your biggest problem might be rodents. A few well placed environmentally sound rodent traps might be worth considering.

To keep rodents out of the engine, get some stainless steel pot scrubbers. Stuff these into the air filter box before the air filter and up the tail pipe(s). If rodents try to gnaw thru these they just tear up their lips and gums.

Place a reminder on the steering wheel to remove these when the vehicle is put back into service.