Storing the car

A friend will garage my car in MN for 9 months while on sabbatical. It will be on garage only insurance- no collision or liability, so no driving. Could he just pull it into the driveway once a month or so and let it run for awhile to keep things sound?

It’s better to park the car and just leave it. But here’s what you want to do before parking it.

Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and fill the tank. Remove the battery and store it in a cool dry area, and use a battery maintainer/trickle charger to keep the battery charged. Otherewise the battery might require replacing when you return. Stuff stainless steel pot scrubbers in the exhaust pipe and in the air filter box before the air filter. This will prevent moisture from forming inside the engine from condensation, and it also keeps critters out of the engine. Place a note on the steering wheel to remind you to remove these when you return. Place some dryer sheets throughout the interior and slightly crack open the windows. The dryer sheets discourage criiters from entering the vehicle. And that should do it.

I live in Minnesota. And that’s how I prepare my vehicles for long term parking.


For nine months it is likely better to not drive it at all. Just follow Tester’s advice and you are smart to contact your insurance company and save a lot. Just remember to start it back up before you drive.

Nine months is a long time, maybe your friend can drop by and drive it once around the lot once a week?

Excellent! Much simpler than I thought it would be. Thanks.