Shop finds power steering is low and a week later, I get a puddle in my driveway

2016 Chevy Traverse, 118k. My old shop has new owners. Last week, I take it in for a routine oil change, they mention my power steering is low, and recommend to look for leaks. I tell them no thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it. I drive it home and it’s driven only once or twice bc of the holiday. Then I see a puddle of oil in my driveway. I take it back, thinking they misthreaded or didn’t tighten something. But nope, they’re saying the power steering is leaking.

So my question is, is this legit? Can my power steering go from nothing visible to a puddle in my driveway in a week?

It takes a while to fill the inner tie rod boot with power steering fluid.

Then when the boot ruptures, the power steering fluid begins leaking.


You had low fluid levels in the PS… it doesn’t just disappear by magic, you had a leak.

So the shop TELLS you there is a leak… you do nothing.

Later when you SEE a puddle from a leak, you wonder if this was legit? Really?

Your small leak became a bigger one. That is exactly what happens. Leaks don’t get better, they get worse. ComPLETEly legit.


“Denial” isn’t just a river in Africa.


My equinox has elec steering. And vue also. I like it.