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Shocking Focus

I have a 2000 Ford Focus with a electrical problem. I made a brief trip to the store. Even though it started normally for my return trip, I noticed as I drove home that the lights did not work, the fan and the windshield wipers were inoperative. Is it possible that all three failures would be caused by a single fuse? Now, although the engine starts and runs well it will not go into drive or reverse. Could this also be an electrical fault? Can they all be connected by a relay or similar device?

The one component all these circuits pass thru is the Body Control Module. You can check the fuse for the BCM. It’s a 7.5 amp fuse number 59, located in the central junction box behind the left side of the dash. If the fuse checks out to be fine, then most likely problem is with the BCM itself.


It is very likely that the problem areas are tied to a common point electrically and correcting the one trouble will fix each area. Check the fuses in the dash and under the hood. The problem could also be with the ignition switch or a bad wire connection in the harness.

The shifting problem may be due a safety switch on the brake not getting power. If the safety system doesn’t see the correct signal showing the brake is on then the shifter stays locked in Park. This could be related to the other things also.