I have a new Mazda Miata and while I am generally very pleased with the car, it does have a couple of flaws. The sound system is just not very good despite Bose speakers. Also, after driving the car for as little as 10 minutes and then locking the door, I get a slight shock. Has anyone experience these problems with their Miata or other car?


When exactly do you get the shock? Are you putting the key in, stepping in or out???

Let’s face it not all Bose speakers are great.


Some tires create a lot of static.


Those problems can occur with any car. It is conceivable you may go through a lifetime of new cars getting the occasional shock from each one.


Actually, NO Bose speakers are great…at best, they’re mediocre and overpriced.


Putting the key in. Also if I touch the door from the outside. I have owned about 20 cars in my life but never experienced this.