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Shipping Honda Odyssey from Washington DC to L.A

Hello! I need to ship my 2003 Odyssey from Washington DC to Los Angeles (hurt my foot, can’t drive long distances). Anyone recommend a good company to ship? Thanks!

I can’t say I recommend this, b/c it depends on who performs the service, but one time I had to do something similar and I posted my request at the local college’s poster board in their student union building. A day later I got a couple of calls from students who were heading that direction for their semester break. One of the drove the car to the destination for me. I paid all the gasoline and gave them $50 to boot as I recall.

A while ago you were looking to buy a new(er) Odyssey.

You might be better off selling the 2003 and buying new(er) in California.
If you’re moving to California,
Will your 2003 pass California’s strict safety inspection and pollution tests?

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I’ve thought about that, but it only has 100k, and is running great. I’ve been keeping it in good condition so I’m sure it will pass.

I’ve thought of that…but very risky!

Running great does not necessarily mean it will pass CA emissions.

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that gen did not have the most robust transmissions. i would sell the DC,east coast body van and buy a nice clean LA body van. unless it sat at the beach all day. head up to turlock and find one

Sure…you giving me $30k? :wink:

I like the college student idea. Wish I’d had that opportunity!

Another way to find a driver (probably bonded and experienced) is to ask some car dealers. They have contacts with companies and individuals who transport cars to and from auctions and dealers.

your only vehicle? dont know your logistics. moving van? multiple cars? kinda hard to sell your only car and somehow move and than be forced to buy another car out in cali. but the thread is how to get it out there and not have to drive it yourself

My Father’s first car was a new 1926 Ford Model T roadster. Price was $290 at the factory and $304 shipped by rail to Denver, CO. He always thought the $14 shipping was excessive! LOL

Have you ever watched the 1971 film ‘Vanishing Point’?

No, but have heard of it. That’s the year I graduated from college!

Well, it was 5% of the cost of the car to ship it. Today that would be $1000 for a $20,000 car not including inflation…I would grouse about that. I hate those separated charges they have now- destination charge, advertising fees…it’s already here and I saw it driving by… :smile:

Where is your car registered? Maryland has had the same emissions regulations as Cali for a long time. Maybe Washington does too.

As long as the routine maintenance has been done on schedule and it has all the original factory emission equipment installed and working, I doubt emissions testing will prove to be a show-stopper for a 2003 Odyssey’s relocation to Calif.

I live in Maryland and the organization I work for regularly ships cars but not as far as California because unless it’s a high value Classic, it’s generally not economic. (Not like the “Snowbird Express”, 10 car carriers between here and Florida)

Try a Specialty car dealer for a referral and with incredible luck you might find a deal on a carrier with empty space. There’s also shippers on line who can take it in a container or as a RORO but none of these will be cheap.

It should pass emissions if you have no warning lights on. You can check the system with a code reader just to make sure and to check for monitor readiness.Very few cars fail.