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2009 Honda Accord Lockup

I own a Honda 2009 Accord EXL with about 25,000 miles. Over the last 5 years a problem has occurred randomly (at least 8 times) and up to last week I was able to over come it. The problem is: when attempting to start the car you find that the steering wheel, shift lever, and ignition key lock are all “locked” up. Nothing can be moved or turned. Thus you can not start or move the car. Up until last week I would jiggle the steering wheel or the shift lever and it would unlock. I took it to the Honda dealer after the first few times and they all but laughed at me . Then last week nothing I did could to get the devices unlocked. I called the local dealer and he advised having it towed in, which I did. When the tow truck driver arrived he showed me the hidden compartment next to the shift lever and inserted the key. This did unlock the steering wheel sufficiently that we could get the car aligned with the tow truck. And I was able to insert the key and start the engine. But when I attempted to shift the car it acted as if it remained in neutral. In other words the engine roared but no motion no matter which gear I selected. We managed to get the car onto the tow truck and delivered to the dealer. Of course when the dealer looked at it, all was well no problem. The dealer kept the car and “went over everything” and “found nothing wrong”. They said they “have never experienced” this problem before and their home office confirmed that. The Dealer’s solution: If you park the car, shift to Park, and turn it off and then turn the steering wheel counterclockwise hard, a click is heard and the whole car is locked up. The dealer showed me that by pushing hard on the brake, forcibly turning the wheel, and at the same time playing with the ignition key with a little luck it all unlocks. (Notice he did not indicate using the hidden compartment trick.)

I find it strange that the dealer has “never ever experienced this issue”, yet has a “work around”!! Though I must admit it does work when you purposely “lock” the steering wheel (the random act has not occurred again so far). My questions are: (1) has anyone else experienced this? (2) are there any other solutions? (3) is there some fault to the electronic (or other) sub systems which should be fixed? I just hate to have my wife out alone and run into the situation again.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or assistance.

My mom called a towing company one for a similar thing. the solution for me was if the wheels were turned left, move the steering wheel like you are turning right, then life is good.

If it was an unusual problem, they wouldn’t have the emergency key slot by the shifter. I believe there is a switch issue involved but can’t be sure without checking the manual.