Shifting in or out of gear causes rear window to open on chevy blazer

I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer. I have had issues where I could not start my truck and determined it could be the battery. After checking alternator, battery, and starter I was told that all were good. Cleaning terminals did not fix problem. I got a new battery. So I have determined that a power drain is going on somewhere. I have now found that when I shift the transmission from drive to reverse or vice versa that the rear hatch window comes open. As I shift the gear I hear the latch popping behind me. Now I have determined that there is a short somewhere and this could be the cause of my power drain. What I need to know is where to start looking for the default and how to fix my problem.

Got this from another forum…

I never had to fix this one but I would look at the dash switch and connections and the battery may not be caused by the switch but 97 (only) has a known ignition switch (thats the name but really the module in the column not the key tumbler) that causes all sorts of strange problems - most power is switched thru there. Hope that helps some. "

In that it can cause drivers side doors to unlock, as yours was from neutral to drive, others are drive to park or reverse etc… and battery drains. It might be the latch button alone but from reading that isn’t the usual fix.

The problem may not be due to a short but rather a bad ground connection. Check the ground bonding to the transmission and the chassis. Clean the connections.

I think the battery drain problem may be due to a separate issue but the two problems might be related to each other. To check for an excessive current drain monitor the current drain from the battery and pull fuses one at a time. Make sure things are in the sleep mode before looking for a problem. Normal current draw should be less than 30 milliamps.

I would look at the wires that are flexed when you open and close the tailgate.