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Shifting gears

I own a 99 Infinity G20t, i got it used a few years ago and for the last several months have noticed that after driving for like 30 minutes or more it gets harder and harder to shift into 1st and 2nd gear.

Out of my driveway i can shift fine, but if i am going a distance all of a sudden i can’t get it into 1st gear (its like if your going 50 down the highway and you tried to down shift into first gear) i usually just take it out of gear shake the handle, and a little elbow grease and goes in, but it can be very annoying when in traffic on the beltway.

any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have you checked the level of your transmission oil? When was the transmission oil last checked or changed?

forgot i posted this, thanks for the response, ive checked the transmission oil and its not low. I have not changed it tho

A clutch that is not releasing completely can cause this.