1999 Volkswagen Golf difficulty shifting


I have a manual 1999 Golf. I am having difficulty changing into first gear after I have been in reverse. When I first start driving I can switch smoothly (usually just once), but later in the trip it becomes increasingly difficult. Often when I arrive at my destination I will park in reverse and have to go into third to move the car slightly into position (it often won’t go into second either).

The problem has occurred a few times when I shifted from second down to first… Any ideas?


Check to make sure there is the proper amount of oil in the transmission first. Low oil level will destroy your transmission and may be causing this… OR

Your clutch system is failing. Likely the hydraulic clutch master cylinder. I’d replace both the master and the slave cylinder if they are original. If that doesn’t clear it up, a clutch replacement most likely is in order.

Thanks a lot !! I really appreciate it, I’ll check both out soon

And check that there’s the right amount of fluid in the clutch master cylinder.

I’d also change out the transmission oil.