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Shift Lever

The shift lever on my 1998 Deville has gotten difficult to move as though somthing was binding it. Any one had this and no where to look for problem. Trans works OK.

Is it binding from ANY position to ANY OTHER position, or just coming out of park? If the latter, suspect the brake light switch. It tells the system that you have your foot on the brake before shifting out of park.

In all position changes. Park to drive, drive to reverse, reverse to drive and back to park.

It sounds like a linkage issue and you will need to have a mechanic take a look and see if they can find the problem.

The engine compartment cable interface to trans and trans lever work fine. The problem I suspect is under the dash. I don’t know if the reverse brake light switch does anything more than operate a solonid or similar device or if its less than perfect operation could cause the problem. I partially removed the under dash cover but couldn’t see much. Two fuses were located there, the fuse holder hanging by the wires. Should have checked them but didn’t. Anybody?