Shift by wire regarding 2007 Toyota Camry


Could anyone who has a 2007 Camry please tell me what they think of “shift by wire”, and also, what their dealer or service person has told them about this?

Do you think Toyota will ever have a recall correcting this problem?

Thank you.


Not sure what you mean by “shift by wire.” What specific problem(s) are you having with your Camry.


Shift by wire, I was told by the service manager at my dealership, is a system where the computer controls the transmission.

As a result, for example the car will downshift, when going downhill, even when you are trying to build up speed to go up another hill.

There are other examples of the tranmission shifting haphazardly,and seeming to stay in a lower gear when it should upshift, which is annoying.

To be fair, my service manager basically said this system sucks, and did not try to defend it.


The dealership is supposed to send mechanics to be trained on these “drive by wire” systems. If you have a complaint (and, you do), the service department should actually examine the car and fix it. The manufacture has set specifications of response times of the components, shift points, etc., etc. If need be, contact the regional car maker representative with your problem. Another dealership MAY have trained personnel (including, service managers) on these systems.


I traded a 94 4cyl camry with 175k in on a 2007 4cyl camry and can’t believe how awful this new car hesitates and shifts. I have over 3500 miles and recently had the august program update which helped smooth out some of its hunting for the right gear, but it acted up again today, racing, hunting for gears. It still falls on itself off the line. Absolutely hate this car’s habits. Must sell camry if not resolved. wish I the '94 even though it was old.


Oh and one more thing. The car downshifts when you apply the brakes and in certain situations this is terribly annoying since you then have to accelerate to get it to upshift. Dumb. Doesn’t toyota test this stuff prior to production runs. Shame. The new accord is out.


Well, with all due respect, the Camry does weigh in at nearly 3400 pounds, so a 4cyl would seem kind of anemic with acceleration. I test drove both the v6 and I4, and the v6 definitely had more get up and go. And you only get a 2mpg penalty going from I4 to v6


MOST cars that have an automatic the shifter is directly connected to the transmission. So when you move the lever you’re directly effecting the transmission.

With a shift-by-wire system the tranmission shifting is being done by a motor. When you move the shifter it sends a signal to the motor which then does the shifting on the transmission.