Toyota Camry

Driving a 2007 Camry, 4-cylinder. When driving with Cruise control on and going up a steep hill, it down shifts several times( or 4), before reaching the top. Dealer tells me, I have to live with this as its only a four cylinder.

Anyone else have this problem?

This sounds pretty much normal to me.

The transmission should unlock the torque converter first, which might feel like a slight downshift. If further downshifts are needed it will shift down until it reaches the proper gear for the load.

If it’s shifting down four times the hill must be ridiculously steep. Although, if this is a six-speed automatic . . .

When I drive in the mountains and this becomes annoying I just turn off the cruise control until I get to the top of the hill.

This sounds normal. For comparison, you could always turn off teh cruise control, manually (with the gas pedal) keep a constant speed going up the hill, and see how the shifts compare.

  • mountainbike

It’s probably normal, I’ve had rental cars with small engines do that at highway speeds. Some cars have low power engines and high gearing, so they downshift pretty frequently.

It gets a tad ridiculous, especially when in the mountains. I previously owned a 96 Saturn that would stay at 3K rpms until I hit the top of the hill…that’s one downshift.
Next car will be a V6.
Thanks all for the input.

I’ve got an 02 Hyundai Accent with a 1.5L I-4 engine, and on a cross-Canada trip last fall, it would downshift like crazy going up the mountains and mountainous regions of BC, Alberta, and Northern Ontario. Nothing wrong with it, just annoying.

normal , when you hit a hill with the cruise on highly recommend taking the cruise off during the climb, drives me and the transmission nusts and IMO not good for the tranny to keep shifting that often.

We’ve got a 2005 Camry (4 cyl), and we don’t use cruise on steep hills/mountains because of excessive shifting. But all the other 4 cyl cars we’ve had have been the same way, so this is nothing new. If it’s annoying, switch the cruise off when in the mountains and drive the old-fashioned way.

  • El Gringo

On steep hills, you usually have to downshift. This is common on all OD automatic transmissions. You don’t want the transmission to hunt between gears. If you would like this to change, try a car with a CVT, constantly variable transmission. It’s the only new thing that I really like. It seems to be good for your gas mileage too.

You do not have to LIVE with this.
This is the FIRST 4 cyl car I have ever had that did this. It is ‘design’ flaw.
Had I test drove the car on the interstate ising CRUISE. I and probably 1,000’s of other customers woudl NOT of bought the car. I am going to arbitrate.
Failure to disclose a known problem. It is like selling a house with a leaky roof and not telling the buyer.

Salesperson: You know, you’re buying a small car with an undersized motor to get good gas mileage and it may have a tendency to downshift when the car encounters a hill. If it is a steep hill it may even need to downshift more than once.

99.9% of customers: Well, DUH! Perhaps I should take the car out for a test drive under my usual driving conditions before plunking down my hard earned cash.

Prior poster: Break out the lawsuits, I’ve been defrauded!

Its normal for a midsize car with a 4 cylinder motor to downshift on a hill depending on its grade. To the OP: if you are complaining about this great vehicle, you should have test-driven it more longer. Since you did not do your homework, too darn bad and you will have to live with it. Otherwise, avoid all hills and you will be fine. I wish I could afford a 2007 Camry. Stop complaining and enjoy life…its too short.

If you have ever driven a manual t/m, you would have to shift to a lower gear when going up mountains, or going up hill. The hoarse sound of the engine tells you it’s time to go lower, & maybe one more gear lower, etc…It’s the same with a/t except the shifting is done automatically. That’s why it’s called automatic transmission. It’s normal.